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Best Western – CDG, France

We had travelled on the red eye from Miami and arrived into CDG around 9AM. Courtesy of Flying Blue Petroleum I was awarded some (complimentary) goodies at the transfer desk:

A breakfast voucher
Day use of a local hotel
Lunch voucher ( to be used in said hotel)

I thought this was a pretty good offering; the only qualifier is that the layover has to be in excess of six hours.

I picked up my goodies from the transfer desk and asked for directions to the hotel.  I was informed that the hotel was near the train terminal. It transpired that this was not quite true; the train terminal was the location of the bus stop where I could board the courtesy bus that would take us to the hotel. My hold luggage was (luckily) tagged through to EDI however it was a bit of a task moving Mrs TF (Travel Freak) and 3 JTF’s (Junior Travel Freaks) with buggy (stroller) and a million bits of hand luggage.

We didn’t wait long for a bus however as the same bus stops at a number of hotels (6 I think) it took a good 20 minutes or so to be get to the Best Western; it’s also the last stop on the bus route which means the bus is full of guests (and luggage) who have got on the bus to go back to the terminal by this point.

Anyway I digress.  I presented myself a check-in along with my “ticket” from Air France. I was greeted by a very well dressed gentleman ( it is France after all) and was given my room key and a voucher that stated I had 25 euros to spend in the restaurant. So far; so good.
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