Polpette Restaurant – Stockholm, Sweden


In Italian, the word ‘polpette’ means ‘meatballs’ – a dish Italy and Sweden have in common. Situated on a busy pedestrianised shopping street, this restaurant offers both Swedish and Italian cuisine, as well as some fusion dishes.

The interior of the restaurant is elegantly furnished; soft lighting creates a cosy ambience. The tables are closely packed together, and it seems the Swedes are even more avid in their people watching than I am, so I felt a bit like a goldfish in a bowl at first. But the amiable staff and enticing menu soon made me forget about the nosy folk at the next table.

My daughter has been living in Sweden for five months, so she was keen for me to taste reindeer. I’m almost ashamed to admit that I chose a pizza instead but, in my defence, it was topped with Swedish cheese. And it was truly delicious. Daughter opted for chicken wrapped in Parma ham, which came on a bed of mushroom risotto. I can reliably inform you that the risotto was perfectly cooked. Hubbie started with a Swedish salmon dish and then moved onto pasta with vegetables and chicken in a creamy sauce. Number One Son devoured a pizza and refused to let me taste it. It looked really good, though.

The dessert menu offers popular sweets such as ice cream, tiramisu and panna cotta. No stodgy puds here.

Eating out is expensive in Sweden, but alcohol is even pricier. Hubbie drank one glass of house wine, which set us back about £8. There isn’t much of a drink culture in Sweden; supermarkets sell only low-alcohol beverages – stronger stuff must be purchased from Systembolaget stores. These are government run off-licences with restricted opening hours.

To summarise, this restaurant offers a good menu and provides delicious food presented well. The staff were welcoming and never rushed us. After a day of sightseeing at hubbie’s manic pace, it was a lovely place to rest my weary legs and fill my rumbling tum.

Drottninggatan 6, 111 51 Stockholm, Sweden.  Website.

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