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hI had visited this place some time ago, long before I started this blog and had good (although not entirely sober) memories of the place.  As I was in Singapore on business alone this time, I was sober both on arrival and subsequent departure from my visit this time round.  Anyway, it was a Saturday and this place was busy; almost all of the tables were taken and a lot of walk in Customers were being turned away.  I now know exactly why this was the case; this is simply the best Lebanese restaurant in Singapore.

I managed to bag the last table outside which meant it was pretty hot.  They did have a couple of fans for some of the bigger table outside but alas none of the breeze touched me.  This simply made the beer that little bit more refreshing!

I ordered Batata Harra (potato cubes sautéed with garlic, coriander, sweet pepper and chilli topped with fried onions & nuts), Cheese Roll (deep-fried Lebanese pastry filled with Feta cheese) and Chicken Shish Taouk (Chef’s signature dish – Chicken cubes specially marinated overnight with Lebanese herbs & spices, char-grilled to perfection served with grilled vegetables and chicken rice).  Now just so you know, I was pretty hungry having missed lunch!

The Cheese Rolls arrived first and were pretty good, personally I would have liked something to dip them in bit maybe that’s just me.  Nine were served on the plate, which I think makes this a sharing dish (yes I managed them all anyway!)  The Batata Harra came out next and was incredibly tasty; the flavours of the chilli and spices along with the tomato really came out.  I think there was some lime in there too.  The chicken was next and had clearly been marinating for a very long time.  The flavour was just awesome and mixed with the potato and rice… wow!  It really was the most delicious taste I have experienced in a long time.  The chicken was served with three dipping pots; dried chili flakes, chili sauce and a third, which I can’t quite remember.  The chicken with some chilli sauce and Batata Harra was just divine!

I had a couple of Carlsberg beers here (Carlsberg isn’t a popular brand in Singapore) that were pretty good and were slightly cheaper than the other eateries around here.

I left feeling relaxed, peaceful and contented (just like the dog above), which is a tall order when I was 6,000 miles from home by myself  If you are in Singapore and fancy a change from the hawker centers, then this is the place to go.  Book!

Beiruit Grill, 72 Bussorah St, Singapore 199485. Website.


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