Da Dante Restaurant, Bonn – Germany

cold beerIt was lunchtime.  My day had started at 3:46am as I live some distance from the airport and had to catch a flight at 6am.  I had arrived in Bonn later than I was meant to but still had just enough time for lunch before my meeting.

Da Dante is situated in the Hotel Kanzler where I was staying and alas hotel restaurants do not normally excite me and this was no exception.  I prepared myself for mediocre food along with high prices and in I went.

I was surprised to find the restaurant was busy.  It transpires that there isn’t a lot around here and if you fancy a ‘business’ lunch or something vaguely formal, then this is the place to come.  The waiter was dressed in a waistcoat and black tie and the tables were made up with white linen.  There was some potential here.

I took a table (nobody seats you in Germany it seems) and removed the crumbs from the table.  It really annoys me that someone set the table without removing the crumbs…I mean really!

The menu here wasn’t bad; pasta, pizza, salad, steak and some fish specials.  I ordered an oven-baked pasta in a meat sauce and a small beer.

The beer arrived promptly and was fresh.  Needless to say it didn’t last very long and it was promptly replaced.

The pasta arrived fairly quickly and looked good, although I would have preferred a bit more cheese.  As I got stuck into it, I discovered that it was hot; I mean extraordinarily hot.  I had some bread (and of course, some more beer) while it cooled.  It was still hot!  As I got about half way through the dish, I realized that I was only still eating as it was in front of me.  I wasn’t hungry any more and the dish just wasn’t that tasty; there wasn’t anything wrong with it but nothing made it shout “eat me” either.

I called for the bill and thought that it was pretty good value at €20 particularly for being in a hotel.  Just make sure you allow time for your meal to cool!

Da Dante, Hotel Kanzler, Adenauerallee 148, 53113, Bonn.  Website.


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