Firezza Canary Wharf, London – UK

Firezza is the sort of posh pizza that would only ever work in London.  The ingredients may well be fresh and they may be well delicious however they still cost a fortune (about £15 each).  On the plus side you can also order Peroni and / or some wine and it will be delivered along with your pizza.  They also do pizza by the 1/2 meter which is kind of fun if there is a few people to feed.

I finished work way later than I should have one night, and for some strange reason I decided to walk back to the place I was staying.  I came across Firezza and decided to venture in; the smell was pretty good and the beers looked really cold.

They have a collection special that means you can have any pizza from the menu for ‘only’ £9.90.  I opted for something with Salami and asked for some chillies to be added.  I had a cold Peroni and all in spent less than £13.

The atmosphere here was… well what you would expect from a takeaway Pizza shop – although everything was served nicely with some cool wooden blocks.

The pizza arrived after about 10 minutes – the toppings were pretty good and the pizza was huge, unfortunately I didn’t get my chillies, which made it a little on the tame side.

Not the place to go for a rockin’ evening, but not a bad place to visit for a quick pizza and a beer – just take a paper or book to read.

Firezza Canary Wharf, Unit 6b, Baltimore Wharf, Pepper Street,  E14 9RH.  Website.


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