Restoran Rokaro, Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia

I had been staying at the Hilton PJ for a few days already.  There was an Exec Lounge at the hotel, which provided me with my much-needed beer supplies – but only until 8pm at which time the beer was cruelly taken away.  I was wandering the streets looking for a new supplier when I came across Restoran Rokaro.  This is a Japanese karaoke bar that offers lots of seafood (yes, you can pick your own live lobster and then eat it…) lots of drinks and some karaoke too.  There was a very large sign that read “Members Only” but I think this was to deter some of the less well off locals – I was warmly welcomed and offered service immediately.

I would describe the décor here as ‘eclectic’; blue tanks with live goodies in, a few curtains to separate different areas, high bar stools and table and of course, the karaoke area.  There are also a fair number of tables outside.

I took a seat outside and was joined by a colleague and had a look at the menu.  Prices here weren’t bad so we opted for a bucket of Heineken (MYR 80).  The beer was cold and wet and the service was great.

I visited this bar a few times for late night drinks – I was greeted with a smile each time and had some good conversation with the waiters.

If you are staying at the Hilton PJ and fancy a less expensive beer than Uncle Chilli’s then head on down here (cross the road, turn left and then right at the traffic lights; right next to Chutney’s).

Restoran Rokaro, 5 and & 7, Jalan 8/1E, 46050.  No website (that I could find…)

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