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We had a voucher for 25 EUR and I has been informed (by TEO, see review of hotel for more on this) that this amount could be spent how I pleased; naturally this was not the case.

There was a hot buffet which was (interestingly enough) 25 EUR.  I gave the eldest JTF (Junior Travel Freak) this; he easts everything and as I age I become more fussy.  I opted for some pasta (allegedly in a four cheese sauce) and Mrs TF had more pasta (in a tomato sauce).  The younger JTFs were jet lagged and frankly not themselves.  We ordered one kids meal and some extra chips (what can I say other than we had been in the US for too long; fries are habit forming…)

Hot buffet was “OK” reports the grumpy teenage TF – jolly good for him.  My pasta tasted like feet.  I mean really.  There was hardly and sauce and the sauce that was there tasted of nothing – I really mean nothing.  Mrs TF managed to eat the pasta and gave it a mere “I am tired; it was fine”. The JTFs meals were tiny (the extra fries we ordered amounted to 12 – 12 chips….) and mediocre at best.

When the bill came it appeared that we has been given some lunch deal that included pudding and coffee; it would have been much better if someone told us this so that we could have actually consumed them.

This was obviously a business hotel – the buffet for the benefit of meeting room clients.  I think it’s fair to say that those dressed in suits seemed to have more fun than we did.  This in itself annoys me.

We most certainly would not eat in the hotel again.

Cost (not included hot buffet which we used the voucher for):

1 small beer, 2 diet cokes,2 kids orange juice, 2 pasta, 1 kids meal, 1 extra fries = 60 Euros

Best Western CDG Airport, 1 Allee du Verger, Roissy En France, 95700.  Website

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