So much for Customer Loyalty O2…

grumpy dragonI, like most of the developed world have an iPhone.  I bought this on contract 2 years ago today.  It has served me well, however I no longer want to spend £36 a month for a phone I have now paid for.

Having looked around the web for a bit I decided that I don’t want to spend the best part of £500 on a new phone when the one i have still functions perfectly well.  I looked online and found a deal with three – offering 600 minutes, 1 GB data and unlimited minutes on a SIM only deal for £12.90 a month.  Pretty good – but I travel a lot with work and three are expensive for roaming charges.  I am also a bit lazy and feel like it would easier to continue with O2.  O2 offer a similar product (with less data) for £15.50 a month.  Now i know this is not a big difference, but I don’t see why I should pay more for less.

I called o2 and waited listening to music which was pretty poor for 14 minutes.  Eventually my call was answered by a female who didn’t apologise for the huge wait time.  The call went like this:

Me: I have just finished my contract and would like a SIM only deal.  You seem to be a bit more than some of your competitors online but i am hoping you can offer me a better deal to stay with you.

Lady: Of course Mr TravelFreak (confirms security details).  What kind of package would you like?

Me: Similar to what I have now, Three have a deal for £12.90 which seems pretty good but you are £15.50 and I get less data.

Lady: For 600 minutes you will need to take our contract priced at £15.50.  It comes with 500MB of data.

Me: But I can get 600 minutes with more data for less with Three.

Lady: Yes.  We can’t match that price.

Me: Can i speak to someone in the Retentions department who can perhaps give me a better deal?

Lady: No.  That’s me.

Me: OK just give me my PAC code then please.

Lady: Would you like it as a text or shall I tell you it now?

Me: Text will be fine.

Lady: I have sent that now.

(long silence follows)

Lady: Thanks for your call.

(the call is ended)

Now while my contract is £36 a month, I travel a lot; my average bill is around £50 a month.  I am a good Customer – I always pay in full and on time and in the 2 years I have had the phone, I have only called Customer Service once.  Clearly this is of no interest to O2.

Another great example of being rewarded for loyalty huh? Poor show O2.  Really poor show.

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