Newcastle Aviator Lounge, UK

I was flying Emirates to Dubai and then on to Kuala Lumpur.  My trip had started with a car pick up and a three our drive to Newcastle.  I was looking forward to a drink, albeit a soft drink.

The Aviator lounge is a lot like a Servisair lounge – indeed it may well be; I’m not sure.

Lounge was much larger than I had expected for a regional airport but that is a good thing.

There was a usual selection of drinks; wine, spirits, beer (alas no Peroni), juice, etc.  Champagne was extra and I didn’t see anything notable in the Whisky department.

Standard crisps, crackers and cheese to eat.  Coffee was pretty good.

Some ladies from the nerby beauty parlour arrived and offered the ladies a ‘goodie’ bag and a complimentary manicure.  I thought this was a nice touch.

A very short entry for a very standard venue.  Still beats paying for it outside the lounge though.

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