No One Lounge by gate 16 London Stansted Airport, UK

I like No.1 lounges. I like them more than I like Servisair lounges because they have a hot food menu. And hot food must be better than crackers and cheese…

Stansted is a bit tricky as far as exec lounges go. There is a main terminal at her along with two satellite terminals which are connected by a monorail. The monorail is however, only one way – once you get on; the only way you can get off is at one of the satellite terminals.  The only way back is in an official rescue vehicle.  They say this can cost you some cash but I doubt they have ever made anyone sober cough up.

They recently started a deal which along with Lounge access, got you fast track security. This is irrelevant for the most part; at this time of year Stansted had around 15,000 pax a day, less than half of the number in the summer. Security queues are not big and fast track is not worth the fiver. The Important thing is that they have the phone. The phone which allows you to find out your departure gate much earlier than most of your fellow passengers. With the gate information obtained, you can select the correct lounge with confidence. All this is included with Priority Pass by the by, just remember to hold on to your receipt which is issued at Security Fast track, this gets you into the lounge as well.

Anyway, I digress. I arrived at the lounge around 4:30pm on a Thursday. As you probably know, Stansted is not a big business airport and 4:30pm on a Thursday in November is not a busy time here. There was one guest in the lounge when I entered.    Two staff members were chatting at the desk on arrival (which I don’t really have an issue with; there clearly wasn’t much else to do). I presented my receipt and boarding pass and was asked if I would like a drink. That’s another thing I like about No. 1 Traveller lounges, they at least try to offer a proper service.

I opted for a Peroni and was informed that it would be brought to my table. I sat in the comfy chair and felt fairly content. I had a view of a runway and it was generally all very calm.

My Peroni arrived and I noticed the glass was dirty, dishwasher dirty. I know it wasn’t going to kill me but there really is no excuse for this. Not when the lounge is this quiet anyway.

I ordered some food (pizza) which arrived after about 15 mins but tasted a little disappointing. It was hot but the cheese hadn’t melted properly and it just didn’t quite work. It was almost like it had been cooked in a hurry…

I ordered another beer (at the bar, staff were way too busy chatting to notice that my drink was empty) and was promptly given another dirty glass that I left on the bar.

A visit to the toilet was most disappointing. The first cubicle was filthy with mess everywhere. The second cubicle had very little paper left and no paper towels; some very small black napkins had been put out instead. This is just pathetic, when the lounge is this quiet, I don’t think there is any excuse for either of these issues.

On my third visit to the bar the staff member was far to engrossed in playing with Facebook to even notice my arrival. I asked very curtly for a beer and he then proceeded to give me one, and then make two more for other guests that had been waiting while he was playing with Facebook. Honestly!  Look after your Customers!

I have recently chosen No. 1 Traveller lounges over Servisair for the hot food and Peroni. To be honest on this visit, the food wasn’t up to very much and the service was very poor.

If I were to go back to Stansted tomorrow?  I’d still come back here.  I have never seen this lounge busy and they have cold Peroni.  Sometimes the food is better!

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