Multiyork Executive Lounge – Norwich International Airport, UK

Norwich city isn’t the most exciting place in the world. The airport is, in that regard at least, very similar.

Small airports do have their benefits and Norwich International is no exception. There was no queue for check – in, no queue for security and I could have parked about 200 metres from the main entrance.

I was slightly perturbed by the Airport development Fee (£5) which is mandatory per passenger. This had to be paid on departure at the airport. It seemed very odd that they hadn’t just included this in the departure fees they charge the airline (who in turn charge me on my ticket).

There wasn’t much in the way of, well, anything at the airport; a small canteen style restaurant with food that didn’t look very appetising and your normal overpriced “duty free” shops. I was hoping for something from the Exec lounge; Priority Pass got me in.

The first thing that hit me was the heat. It seemed that the air-con was broken in the lounge. This meant that the lounge was very stuffy, and very, very, hot. There a fair selection of drinks, some crisps and other snacks although I didn’t see any crackers which was a little unusual. The lounge was small; which matched the airport I guess.

Assuming that the air-con issue was temporary (which I believe it was) the lounge would be a much more suitable place to enjoy a libation or catch up on work that outside it.

As I was one of only three guests, I was also given the remote control. It does amuse me to see the faces of [foreign] businesspeople entering an exec lounge to be greeted with the voices of Bart and Lisa Simpson. Keeps things real. And is much more entertaining than Sky News.

Just in case you wondered – Multiyork is a furniture shop who donated some comfy sofas to the lounge.

Click here to learn more about Priority Pass (for frequent Lounge users)

Click here to purchase one-time access (for occasional Lounge users)

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