Rendezvous Lounge Douglas Airport, IOM

Douglas airport is small. Now I appreciate that the island is kinda small anyway but the airport is very small.

Having past security (shoes, belts, money all out into separate trays…) I was faced with the Rendezvous Lounge.

The lounge was fairly standard (Priority Pass got me in) with Wi-Fi, beer (albeit Stella), wine and some spirits. The everlasting supply of crackers and cheese was available along with some bread and a toaster. There was also a pot of hot soup which I thought was a nice touch; I am always looking for something more substantial than bloody crackers and cheese.

The lounge seemed to be sponsored by some hotel (the fact that I can’t remember which perhaps says something about their marketing strategy) but they had some really nice own brand cookies, tea and coffee.

All in all a fairly standard experience – but an awful lot more fun than what was available past security outside the lounge.

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