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Only Speedos were allowed in the pool...This review is part of a series about my experience of my first ever package holiday – a trip to Lapland. You can find out more about the trip here.

MrsTravelFreak, the two JuniorTravelFreaks (JTF’s) aged six and eight and myself were staying in this hotel during our three-night stay in Lapland.

The normal process of checking-in didn’t apply here as we were given our room key and welcome pack on the coach from the airport. As we pulled into the hotel I could see that there was one main hotel block (that had the restaurant and bar and a few rooms) and several other buildings spread across an area of around three football pitches. Naturally, our room was furthest way from the coach so off I went carrying body suits for 4, 2 cases and a couple of JTFs!

We had booked (and received) a family room which matched the description on the hotel website fairly. This wasn’t luxurious (despite it being the highest price offered on this trip from Cosmos) but was perfectly functional. The room opened into a small hallway where you could take off your wet clothes with the bathroom to one side. There were 2 single beds (why do some European hotels do that?! Surely you had them together to make the kids for the Family room you are in?!), a small flat screen TV on a stand and a kitchen area with a microwave and fridge which offered just enough space and facilities for a late night hot chocolate. At the other side of the room was a sliding door that led to the kids room.

The kids room had bunk beds (with a funky light that served as a reading light but could also be turned into a much dimmer nightlight), a wardrobe and a desk that was just big enough for the two JTFs to sit at together.

The bathroom was pretty large with a huge dryer for all your wet clothes, and a functional shower and toilet.

This is a picture of a very similar hotel room from the hotels website:

Family room at the Spa Hotel Levitunturi

While the JTFs were trying to work out how to get into their ski-suits, I took a look at my welcome pack. There is a large Spa at this hotel (the name kind of gives it away) but I didn’t make it due to the most ridiculous rule I have ever heard of. I wasn’t allowed in the pool in swimming shorts, only Speedos (apparently these are cleaner).  I am 30 something and I have never worn a pair of Speedos in my life; the world does not need to see me like this. There was a bit of disappointment here as the pictures of the pool on the hotel website looked pretty good and it would have been awesome to se a glimpse of the Northern Lights while in a spa in -10! I also found it a bit strange that you needed to actively ask the maid to clean your room / refresh towels. Additional towels were available in the Spa and pool for a charge of €3 and you were encouraged to take along the towel from your room. Remember that the Speedos thing is all about hygiene? Taking along a towel that you have used for three days is OK though…

There was a proper Spa in one of the many outbuildings that offered standard spa treatments but we didn’t have time to try any. There was also a bowling alley with a couple of pool tables and games, which we did manage to try one night. I think this is a new addition to the hotel as the balls, lanes and seats seemed very new and shiny and we were the only guests using the facility. I felt like I had a private bowling lane somewhere and it was a fun way to have a few pre-dinner drinks after a day in the snow.

The food in the hotel was variable; breakfast was pretty good with a fair choice and warm bread, lunch and dinner were a bit of a hit or miss with some being a lot better than others. Think of it as a holiday camp, or a (cheap) staff canteen, and you probably aren’t far off. The notable exception to this was the gala dinner on our last night that was truly a feast and a really tasty one too (think Christmas dinner). Hats off to the hotel for making dinner for that many people hot and delicious.

There was a small bar here that had everything you would probably want (except nice red wine…) and I thought the local beers were pretty good. They have some really interesting laws on alcohol here so if nice wine is important to you, then consider taking a bottle or two with you.

I will add that come nightfall the area is really quiet and sleeping is not a problem. There are also several huge piles of snow (shovelled from the car park) dotted around the grounds which make a lot of fun for the kids!

All of the staff that we encountered seemed to be happy enough and made every effort to look after the guests.

All things considered the hotel was pretty good…just remember your Speedos gents. And maybe the wine too.

Levintie 1590, 99130 Levi, Finland.  Website.

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