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Hotwire had this hotel advertised (hotel name excluded of course) as a four star property in trendy Shoreditch. Shoreditch is a trendy area of London with some really cool bars and clubs. Shoreditch also borders Hackney which is a dodgy area of London. The Re Shoreditch is on Hackney Road which is a very long road linking Shoreditch with Hackney.

The hotel is around a 10 – minute walk from the nearest tube (Bethnal Green) although you can get a bus which drops you off right outside. This isn’t down town Harlem however the East-end of London does have its share of crime; keep your wits about you if you are walking back to the hotel from the tube. Better yet take a cab.

Anyway, I had stayed in the Hilton London Islington the night before and as the rates had gone up by 350% (seriously) I was moving bags early. I arrived around 8am. I did ask if a room was available and was informed that check in was three pm; fair enough. I had read some other reviews of this property and was a little concerned about the noise from the main road at the front. I requested a quiet room and the receptionist added a note to the reservation. Good stuff.

I was told to put my bags in the luggage room (which was open and did have some other bags in). I decided to take my iPad with me (!); I could have taken anything from the other bags that were left in the luggage room. Not much of a service either – the staff member wasn’t really doing anything.

I returned around 10pm and was initially informed that there was no room available for me at all. I laughed this off a little and explained I had tried to check-in at 8am and was told I was too early. I was offered a room which overlooked the main road…

After some discussions I secured a room which was out of service (I still don’t know what for; it was as good as any other room in the hotel) and went upstairs.

The room was basic. I had been given a twin which I wasn’t ecstatic about anyway; there wasn’t a lot in the way of space; I was reminded of a Travel Inn.

I read the welcome card (which was attached to the wall) and discovered that the hotel in in the “process of transforming itself from the 3 star (ex Days Inn) to a 4 star boutique property”. That explains why I was reminded of a Travel Inn. I can’t really see what they can do with the rooms to make them more exciting. As far as I could tell my room had already been upgraded and I certainly wasn’t excited. I did find a small fridge in the wardrobe though which had a couple of bottles of water in.

Room was indeed quiet and I was in control of the air con (and could switch it off properly; something not always possible with some of the bigger hotel chains).   I must add that I had a very poor mobile phone reception in my room.  I use O2 and I almost managed voice (although we eventually gave up and used the hotel phone) but data was out of the question.

I didn’t manage to do breakfast here but it looked like your standard breakfast buffet – for a much more reasonable price then other 4 star hotels.

I was slightly perturbed on the morning of my second night to see two men propping the bar up; the bar doesn’t close for residents and I am not sure why but the clientèle seemed a little less responsible than those of larger hotels. Perhaps that’s a snobby thing to say?

I took me three attempts to get into my room on the evening of my second night.  My key card did not work so I went back to reception to ask for a replacement. The replacement did not work.  Repeat process.  No apology offered.

3:15 Am. 3:15 in the morning of the third night and the fire alarm went off. A full evacuation ensued (well almost, we all stayed in lobby as it was raining). After 30 minutes and the excitement of a fire engine arriving, we were told (by someone who probably wasn’t old enough to drink) “that we could go back to our rooms”. The words “sorry” were not spoken. This annoyed me. A lot.

Checkout took an age and the staff member had nothing to say to me whatsoever; perhaps there is a use for those dreadful Hilton scripts after all.

This is very much a three star hotel in a slightly dodgy part of town. How they command rates of £150 per night is beyond me. Stay for a night if you must, any longer is not a good idea. I paid £75 per night for my stay; I most certainly would not pay it again.

Wi-Fi was available in the lobby and I believe it was complimentary. This hotel is suitable for leisure guests (who don’t venture out late) and those on a tight budget; assuming you book in advance rates start at £49 per night.

The Re London Shoreditch, 419-437 Hackney Road, London, E2 8PP.  Website


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