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2016-03-28 15.08.40 copyI took the kids here for the day as they desperately wanted to go to a water park, but I personally wasn’t in a water-park-swimming-costume-wearing type of place!

We got the Circle line on the MRT and got off at Stadium. A word of warning, Google maps then told me to take exit B and walk all the way around the front of the stadium. This is completely wrong! Take exit A and the mall is right in front of you.

The mall itself isn’t particularly huge, but it does have a big Fair Price Extra where you can stock up on water and snacks, it also has a variety of eateries.

Splash & Surf is on the rooftop and consists of a 0.6M pool, some baby swings, lots of water sprays, two slides and a lazy river. There are several benches and umbrellas to provide shade for the grown ups.

I had my 7 year old and 9 year old with me and I though initially that this wouldn’t entertain them for long and I’d have to rack my brains to find something to do after but I was wrong! They played here for over four hours!!

There are lifeguards on duty, which makes it easy if you have to pop to the bathroom, or to get refreshments. The lifeguards are all very friendly and nice to the kids. We arrived late morning and at one point we were the only people there, a few more appeared after lunch – not too many though so a nice mix of kids having others to play with but it was far from crowded. It was a weekday though and international school holidays for some schools. I can’t comment on whether it’s busier at the weekend.

The main section is free but there is a $2 charge for each child in the lazy river. As it happens, kids under age 10 need to have an adult with them in the lazy river so my kids couldn’t use it, as I didn’t have any swimming things. The rules portray proportionate accompanying adult to child ratios depending on age. The lazy river is just a bonus though, kids were quite happy with the main section itself.

Be aware – they are quite strict about attire for the pool. My kids had proper swim attire with them so they were ok. A girl arrived who was wearing a t-shirt and long swim leggings. She wasn’t allowed in the pool with the t-shirt on, but she was allowed to play on the slide and water fountains. No hats can be worn in the pool either so if you have a younger child, you might want to bring a swim hat.

There are toilets beside the pool, which have showers and act as a changing room. There are also lockers. It is open from 8am to 10pm daily.

Splash-N-Surf, Kallang Wave Mall, 1 Stadium Place, Singapore, 397628. Website

Splash & Surf

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