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La Salsa, Dempsey Hill – Singapore

Hubby and I found ourselves with a couple of child-free hours as both junior travel freaks had birthday parties to go to. Not wanting to miss an opportunity for cocktails and lunch, we headed to Dempsey for some Mexican.

We have been to the much more widely know Margaritas before and, despite hearing many ravings about it, we found it to be a little impersonal, busy and had offering a pretty bog standard menu. We also got thrown out at the end of ‘lunch time’. We therefore thought we would try the lesser-known ‘La Salsa’, which is a few doors along. Continue Reading…

Piedra Negra, Singapore

Chilli PepperExamining the stamps on my passport recently, I concluded that, for a man who lives in Scotland, I I travel to Singapore a lot.  Luckily for me, when travelling to Singapore I always fly in Business, with either Air France or Emirates.  If I fly with Air France, I have flown from Edinburgh to Paris, had a 3-hour layover in the (completely unremarkable and boring) lounge at CDG and then boarded a 14-hour flight to Singapore.  If I travel with Emirates, I have travelled 8 hours to Dubai, stopped off at the (much better) Emirates lounge for a few hours, and then had another 8-hour flight to Singapore.  Either way, I always arrive sweaty, dazed, confused and generally a bit broken.

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Beiruit Grill, Singapore – Singapore

hI had visited this place some time ago, long before I started this blog and had good (although not entirely sober) memories of the place.  As I was in Singapore on business alone this time, I was sober both on arrival and subsequent departure from my visit this time round.  Anyway, it was a Saturday and this place was busy; almost all of the tables were taken and a lot of walk in Customers were being turned away.  I now know exactly why this was the case; this is simply the best Lebanese restaurant in Singapore.

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