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Servisair Executive Lounge Manchester Terminal 2 – UK

Red Wine GlassThis review is part of a series about my experience of my first ever package holiday – a trip to Lapland. You can find out more about the trip here.

I was travelling with MrsTravelFreak and the JuniorTravelFreaks (JTFs) for pleasure and had an hour prior to boarding. MrsTravelFreak and one of the JTFs decided they wanted to indulge in some airport shopping; off I went with the younger one to the lounge.

The lounge is situated upstairs in the terminal beside the Virgin Holidays lounge and opposite Boots. I handed over my Priority Pass and stepped into the lounge. It was very busy (the time was 07:00 on a Tuesday) with most customers in the chairs beside the full bar. A staff member was serving drinks and most people seemed to be taking full advantage of the complimentary alcohol. Whilst I am more than happy to drink some champagne at 02:00 in the Emirates lounge in Dubai during a transit, I am simply unable to drink lager, gin or whisky so early in the morning. Looking at the (very red) faces of most of the customers in this lounge, I think this is a good thing.

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No 1 Lounge, Gatwick North – UK

Pecan PieI get a lot of value from my Priority Pass membership.  Given that it is provided to me with compliments of American Express I think the price is just right! I use the card often, although I do sometimes feel a little disappointed when I fly in business (or reach elite status) with an airline that allows me access to the same lounge as I could have used with Priority Pass anyway. I have been flying from Edinburgh to London City for sometime, however due to a change of client and a divorce from CityJet I was flying from Gatwick yesterday.  I had cleared security and made it into the departure lounge and searched for the ‘Lounges’ sign.  I hadn’t been to Gatwick for a while but it hasn’t changed much; all of the lounges in the north terminal are together. Continue Reading…

Emirates Business and First Class Lounge – Kuala Lumpur

Business and First passengers share the Emirates lounge at KL. Skywards elite members also have lounge access irrespective of the travel class they are in.  As the lounge is shared with First passengers, they make it pretty cool.

I was greeted at the desk with a smile and a welcome.  My ticket was checked and I was invited to enjoy the lounge.  This lounge was bigger than I imagined (although by the time to left to board the lounge was almost full) with lots of staff waiting to look after someone.  Service was important here – there were two staff members (one male and one female) to assist you in the bathroom…  I am not sure what they could do for me other than leave me alone in there!

Anyway – I took a seat and was immediately welcomed by my server and asked if I wanted anything to drink.  I opted for some champagne that was served at once with all of the Silver-service you would expect.

There was a fair choice of food here – pasta, curry, snackage and some other goodies along with some pretty good wines (which are nigh impossible to obtain anywhere else in KL).

I wouldn’t rush to be here any earlier than you really need to be – it is after all just a lounge.  However, if you are here then you will certainly not want for anything.  Free Wi-Fi and lots of international power points are available.

Enjoy yourself.  And if you have a blue tag on your carry on, try not be upset by those who have a red one; you could have a green tag instead.

Emirates Business Class Lounge, Dubai

I had arrived into Dubai just after 1:00am and by the time I had made it to the Emirates Business class Lounge it was almost 2:00am.  Time of course, is a very funny thing when travelling and the Lounge was certainly not quiet.

I should add that this review relates to the main Emirates Business class Lounge (the enormous one).  I understand there is a smaller lounge by one of the gates (will look out next time and report back!)

Anyway – first things first; this lounge is enormous.  When I arrived at 2:00am there were 6 members of staff checking tickets.  This is a big lounge.  This is also a very busy lounge around the clock.
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Newcastle Aviator Lounge, UK

I was flying Emirates to Dubai and then on to Kuala Lumpur.  My trip had started with a car pick up and a three our drive to Newcastle.  I was looking forward to a drink, albeit a soft drink.

The Aviator lounge is a lot like a Servisair lounge – indeed it may well be; I’m not sure.

Lounge was much larger than I had expected for a regional airport but that is a good thing.

There was a usual selection of drinks; wine, spirits, beer (alas no Peroni), juice, etc.  Champagne was extra and I didn’t see anything notable in the Whisky department.

Standard crisps, crackers and cheese to eat.  Coffee was pretty good.

Some ladies from the nerby beauty parlour arrived and offered the ladies a ‘goodie’ bag and a complimentary manicure.  I thought this was a nice touch.

A very short entry for a very standard venue.  Still beats paying for it outside the lounge though.

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Hoodies, Jeans and a Beard

I got off the airport bus and paused for a brief moment, wondering how I had got there. My account on tells me this was the 176th time I had used Edinburgh airport; usually at 3:46 in the morning (the extra minutes asleep is important at that time of the day) on the way to a client site somewhere. This time it was different; I had booked an off-peak flight in the evening and was dressed much more comfortably in jeans and a Gap hoody with a few days’ worth of beard growth.

I wandered through to departures and managed a brief smile at the new holographic lady they had installed. While waiting in the queue, my smile faded pretty quickly as I realised she only had two minutes worth of advice to give…and then started again.
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No One Lounge by gate 16 London Stansted Airport, UK

I like No.1 lounges. I like them more than I like Servisair lounges because they have a hot food menu. And hot food must be better than crackers and cheese…

Stansted is a bit tricky as far as exec lounges go. There is a main terminal at her along with two satellite terminals which are connected by a monorail. The monorail is however, only one way – once you get on; the only way you can get off is at one of the satellite terminals.  The only way back is in an official rescue vehicle.  They say this can cost you some cash but I doubt they have ever made anyone sober cough up.
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Multiyork Executive Lounge – Norwich International Airport, UK

Norwich city isn’t the most exciting place in the world. The airport is, in that regard at least, very similar.

Small airports do have their benefits and Norwich International is no exception. There was no queue for check – in, no queue for security and I could have parked about 200 metres from the main entrance.

I was slightly perturbed by the Airport development Fee (£5) which is mandatory per passenger. This had to be paid on departure at the airport. It seemed very odd that they hadn’t just included this in the departure fees they charge the airline (who in turn charge me on my ticket).

There wasn’t much in the way of, well, anything at the airport; a small canteen style restaurant with food that didn’t look very appetising and your normal overpriced “duty free” shops. I was hoping for something from the Exec lounge; Priority Pass got me in.
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Rendezvous Lounge Douglas Airport, IOM

Douglas airport is small. Now I appreciate that the island is kinda small anyway but the airport is very small.

Having past security (shoes, belts, money all out into separate trays…) I was faced with the Rendezvous Lounge.

The lounge was fairly standard (Priority Pass got me in) with Wi-Fi, beer (albeit Stella), wine and some spirits. The everlasting supply of crackers and cheese was available along with some bread and a toaster. There was also a pot of hot soup which I thought was a nice touch; I am always looking for something more substantial than bloody crackers and cheese.

The lounge seemed to be sponsored by some hotel (the fact that I can’t remember which perhaps says something about their marketing strategy) but they had some really nice own brand cookies, tea and coffee.

All in all a fairly standard experience – but an awful lot more fun than what was available past security outside the lounge.

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