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Hyatt Place Tempe, Arizona – USA

I had arrived in Phoenix on the first of four countries I was visiting for a project.  My day had started at 03:35 UK time and I had flown via CDG and ATL; I was beginning to get tired.  The local time was almost 23:00 when my plane landed at Phoenix International Airport.

I had already cleared customs at Atlanta and my bag was out pretty quickly; all I had to do was find the shuttle bus.  There was a large section of one wall that had details of all the airport hotels along with the short code to use to call them from the courtesy phone.  All the airport hotels except the Hyatt Place Tempe.  Having spent far too long trying to get my iPhone to work (user error…) to call them direct I eventually went into the Delta luggage office.  I was lucky enough to find a soul who took pity on me and she allowed me to use her phone to call the hotel.  I was told to leave at exit 4 and cross the street and that the shuttle bus would be with me shortly.

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