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Spa Hotel Levitunturi – Lapland – Finland

Only Speedos were allowed in the pool...This review is part of a series about my experience of my first ever package holiday – a trip to Lapland. You can find out more about the trip here.

MrsTravelFreak, the two JuniorTravelFreaks (JTF’s) aged six and eight and myself were staying in this hotel during our three-night stay in Lapland.

The normal process of checking-in didn’t apply here as we were given our room key and welcome pack on the coach from the airport. As we pulled into the hotel I could see that there was one main hotel block (that had the restaurant and bar and a few rooms) and several other buildings spread across an area of around three football pitches. Naturally, our room was furthest way from the coach so off I went carrying body suits for 4, 2 cases and a couple of JTFs!

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