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FR 6266 – EDI – BCN

OK so what can I say about a Ryanair flight?  ‘Not much’ you might say.  I can’t tell you about the business class product, as there isn’t one.  I can’t describe the amazing food offerings, as they were very limited.  There are however a few things I can say, and believe me – I was just as cynical about using Ryanair as you are.

I am always amused by importance.  The BA and bmi flights depart from gates near the lounges, shops and bars.  AirFrance and KLM flights depart a little further away from the bars, but they have their own shop beside the gates.  The Ryanair and Flybe flights always depart from the furthest gates possible.  I am not sure if this is a subtle ploy to encourage their customers to drink a little less before the flight?

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