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WW51 – EMA – EDI

This must be the worst domestic flight in the UK. Seriously.

If you are thinking of getting this flight for a weekend in Edinburgh – don’t bother. Half the weekend will be gone before you get there.

I had the misfortune of working in the East Midlands for four weeks recently. I booked the sister flight to this on the Sunday night and booked this flight to get me home again on the Friday.

Out of 4 weeks this flight arrived on time only once. The remaining three flights arrived between three and four hours later than they should have.
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BE6813 – EDI – IOM

I was trying to explain to my son where I was going. The conversation went something like this:

“It’s part of the UK”

“So do they use the same money as us?”

“Kind of, they print their own money too though”

“Isn’t there a race there?”

“Yeah a big one. They don’t have a national speed limit you see”

“So you can drive as fast as you like?”



“The island is only 26 miles though, so you’ll run out pretty quick.”

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AF690 – CDG – MIA

Having killed another 30 minutes in the airport already I was really beginning to wonder how on earth I could entertain the JTFs (Junior Travel Freaks) when the announcement was made.  A sixty minute delay was posted due to a “technical fault” which I believe, was the entertainment system.  Anyway, we had a 60 minute delay anyway.

We found some ridiculously expensive chocolate at the airport which vaguely amused the JTFs however the early start was starting to catch up with them.

As a “by-the-way” this flight was way oversold and listening to some other passengers it seems that this is usually the case; may be a nice upgrade opportunity if you are Sky Team Elite (or better), certainly lots of upgrades were given out at the gate.
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AF5147 – EDI – CDG

Okay – picture the scene:

Mr and Mrs Travel Freak.  3 very excited Junior Travel Freaks (JTFs).  A cold morning.  A 40 minute drive to the airport.  10 bags, 2 car seats and a buggy.  A 6:20 flight which was the beginning of a 17-hour journey.

We parked the car on time and as Elite Flying Blue jumped the queue to check in.  All good so far with check-in being fast and efficient.

As perhaps one of the most frequent users of Edinburgh Airport (and, subsequently,  the Servisair lounge).  A quick word and a smile with a certain somebody (you know who you are; thank you once again) had secured lounge access for the whole gang so 14 bottles (they really are, very small) of orange juice and a few packets of chocolate chip shortbread later and the JTFs were whining just a little bit less. Continue Reading…

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