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AF3046 – CDG – LOS

I had flown in to Paris from Edinburgh on AF5051 that had clearly been allocated the cheap landing space.  The bus ride to the terminal (2E) took 15 minutes which gave me less than 20 minutes to get on my flight to Lagos which departed from terminal 2F.

There was a mass of people waiting for the bus and I wondered if I would manage to get on the first one.  I did indeed manage, albeit just – I was last on and had the door against me.  The bus took my fellow passengers and I to terminal 2C first.  Nobody got on here and no one got off.  Talk about wasting time when it’s such a commodity!  Eventually the bus got to terminal 2F, although it took a lot longer than the three minutes that was displayed on the board back in 2E.

A security check welcomed me to the terminal, which luckily I breezed through and before I knew it I was at the departure gate – with a whole three minutes to spare before the departure time.  I wasn’t quite last on the plane but I was pretty close!

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AF5150 – EDI – CDG

This was the first leg of 3 to get to Phoenix.  I had booked a car to pick me up which arrived on time.  I had booked the care a bit earlier than I needed, as I knew there were road works on the way; these road works didn’t cause as much of a problem as I thought they might and I arrived at Edinburgh Airport too early to check in my bags.

A cheese and ham Panini and some orange juice from Costa Coffee at the airport killed some time so I could check in.

Two check-in agents were available, one being fed passengers from the business lane.  There wasn’t much of a queue to skip here; the main line only had 3 passengers groups in it.  I was called forward and handed over my printed boarding pass and passport.  When I checked in online the system would only allow me to check in for the first two legs of the journey so I didn’t have a boarding pass for the final leg.  I asked if I could have one and the agent tried, even calling someone else, however I was instructed to collect my boarding pass from CDG.  I asked for the bags to be checked through and was reminded that I would need to collect them at Atlanta as it was my first port of entry to the US; I really don’t know why the US need to be different to every other country in the world.
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AF690 – CDG – MIA

Having killed another 30 minutes in the airport already I was really beginning to wonder how on earth I could entertain the JTFs (Junior Travel Freaks) when the announcement was made.  A sixty minute delay was posted due to a “technical fault” which I believe, was the entertainment system.  Anyway, we had a 60 minute delay anyway.

We found some ridiculously expensive chocolate at the airport which vaguely amused the JTFs however the early start was starting to catch up with them.

As a “by-the-way” this flight was way oversold and listening to some other passengers it seems that this is usually the case; may be a nice upgrade opportunity if you are Sky Team Elite (or better), certainly lots of upgrades were given out at the gate.
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AF5147 – EDI – CDG

Okay – picture the scene:

Mr and Mrs Travel Freak.  3 very excited Junior Travel Freaks (JTFs).  A cold morning.  A 40 minute drive to the airport.  10 bags, 2 car seats and a buggy.  A 6:20 flight which was the beginning of a 17-hour journey.

We parked the car on time and as Elite Flying Blue jumped the queue to check in.  All good so far with check-in being fast and efficient.

As perhaps one of the most frequent users of Edinburgh Airport (and, subsequently,  the Servisair lounge).  A quick word and a smile with a certain somebody (you know who you are; thank you once again) had secured lounge access for the whole gang so 14 bottles (they really are, very small) of orange juice and a few packets of chocolate chip shortbread later and the JTFs were whining just a little bit less. Continue Reading…

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