Emirates Business and First Class Lounge – Kuala Lumpur

Business and First passengers share the Emirates lounge at KL. Skywards elite members also have lounge access irrespective of the travel class they are in.  As the lounge is shared with First passengers, they make it pretty cool.

I was greeted at the desk with a smile and a welcome.  My ticket was checked and I was invited to enjoy the lounge.  This lounge was bigger than I imagined (although by the time to left to board the lounge was almost full) with lots of staff waiting to look after someone.  Service was important here – there were two staff members (one male and one female) to assist you in the bathroom…  I am not sure what they could do for me other than leave me alone in there!

Anyway – I took a seat and was immediately welcomed by my server and asked if I wanted anything to drink.  I opted for some champagne that was served at once with all of the Silver-service you would expect.

There was a fair choice of food here – pasta, curry, snackage and some other goodies along with some pretty good wines (which are nigh impossible to obtain anywhere else in KL).

I wouldn’t rush to be here any earlier than you really need to be – it is after all just a lounge.  However, if you are here then you will certainly not want for anything.  Free Wi-Fi and lots of international power points are available.

Enjoy yourself.  And if you have a blue tag on your carry on, try not be upset by those who have a red one; you could have a green tag instead.

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