Emirates Business Class Lounge, Dubai

I had arrived into Dubai just after 1:00am and by the time I had made it to the Emirates Business class Lounge it was almost 2:00am.  Time of course, is a very funny thing when travelling and the Lounge was certainly not quiet.

I should add that this review relates to the main Emirates Business class Lounge (the enormous one).  I understand there is a smaller lounge by one of the gates (will look out next time and report back!)

Anyway – first things first; this lounge is enormous.  When I arrived at 2:00am there were 6 members of staff checking tickets.  This is a big lounge.  This is also a very busy lounge around the clock.

The lounge is split into a number of areas: relaxing, eat/drinking, quiet area, kids area etc.  Walking from one end to the other took me a while!  There is a walkway that connects the main lounge to the smoking area and business centre.

At regular intervals throughout the lounge there were restrooms a plenty (although on my return visit here which was around 6:30am there were big queues for the showers).

There was also food available here – lots of it.  From causal snackage to a full on meal you could get it all here – with some nice Champagnes and wine to match.

As you can probably imagine this is a self-service lounge.  There are lots of staff wandering about, clearing tables as soon as they become vacant, who will fetch you another drink if you ask nicely.  The general idea though is that you do it yourself – it’s just too big to have a proper waiter service.

I was travelling alone on this occasion but I did think that the kids’ area with their own restaurant was cool – they could get just the kind of food that my kids would want when they are tired and half-way through a long journey home.

The lounge here is certainly functional – they have everything you need to work and play.  I wouldn’t count on getting any sleep though –it’s just too big, too noisy and way too busy.

Wow. It's Quiet Here...

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