Cheers to KLM!

I recently flew with KLM to Cologne.  Full review to follow shortly but for now I will summarise – there were a few issues with my return journey.  My connecting flight from CGN to AMS was cancelled so I had an extra night (albeit with a seemingly endless supply of lovely Kölsch) and when I finally got back to EDI (a day late) my checked bag was completely destroyed.

This was a business trip and was booked on my behalf by a corporate travel company.  Due to a short-sighted change by Amex (Check out details here) I wasn’t covered for anything other than emergency medical treatment.  I went to the KLM website and found the link to lodge my claims.  I lodged them separately yesterday, and attached my receipts and luggage damage report.  I was more than a little surprised when my phone rang today to discover it was KLM’s Luggage department.  They were sorry about my bag and asked me to provide a receipt for my bag.  I explained this would be difficult and was informed to buy a replacement (up to the value of my old one) and send the receipt to them – they would cover the cost.  So far so good – I was impressed at the speed of the response.

A few moments ago my phone rang again.  This time it was KLM Customer Care.  They had received my (scanned) receipts and informed me that my costs (including my Kölsch!) would “of course” be reimbursed.  Better yet they asked if they could use the bank details I had provided in the luggage claim.  I just love the joined up thinking – I know it’s common sense but so often it doesn’t happen with big companies. I was also informed that under EU regulations I was entitled to compensation – I opted for the travel voucher for €350.

In less than 24 hours both of my issues seem to be resolved.  Granted – I don’t yet have the cash but I see no reason why I won’t get it.

I don’t know if its because I fly with KLM a lot, or if its because I have just spent £4500 on a return flight to Lagos with them, but it’s really great to know that if something goes wrong, they have the desire and the staff to rectify things promptly.

Rock on KLM  – Mr Travel Freak feels that little bit more loyal to your brand, which can only be a good thing. Well done!

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