BE6813 – EDI – IOM

I was trying to explain to my son where I was going. The conversation went something like this:

“It’s part of the UK”

“So do they use the same money as us?”

“Kind of, they print their own money too though”

“Isn’t there a race there?”

“Yeah a big one. They don’t have a national speed limit you see”

“So you can drive as fast as you like?”



“The island is only 26 miles though, so you’ll run out pretty quick.”


I had never been to the Isle of Man before and wasn’t sure what to expect. To be honest, I wasn’t really sure WHERE it was. The flight was pretty good value at £60 and it was 55 minutes away.

I checked in online the day before and was allocated seat 8A. I was disappointed to be alerted that due to the aircraft type I would be unable to take any hand luggage that weighed more than 5KG. Once I printed the boarding pass (and read the small print like a geek) I discovered that I was allowed “1 hold bag weighing no more than 20KG for no charge”. Joy of joys. Make sure you don’t pay online when booking to take a bag, cos you don’t have too.

The aircraft which is actually operated by Loganair has a staggering 36 seats so there is really no need to board the aircraft first (nor pay for seat selection). My flight had 9 passengers so there was lots of room for us!

We boarded on time and left early. There was one member of flight crew who had just enough time to offer us tea, coffee or orange juice before the seatbelt light was back on as we were well in to our descent.

Some 40 minutes after take–off I was in the terminal in Douglas. Perhaps this is what flying is meant to be?

I was slightly perturbed by the text I received from my mobile phone carrier upon arrival. It read something like this:

“Using your mobile for data when outside the EU can be very expensive. We will send you a text message when you have spent £20…”

I didn’t receive any further messages. Having said that I haven’t received the bill yet either.

Aircraft: Saab 340B

Class: Economy

Price: £60

Departure gate: 21 (allow a 10 minute walk from main terminal)

Arrival gate: um..1?  This is a very small airport…
Did you know? 

Loganair operates the world’s shortest scheduled flight, Loganair Flight 353, taking only 2 minutes to hop between Westray Airport and Papa Westray Airport.

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